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IRANIAN RIYAL is to rise up in value in the near future. US & allies have reached a deal with Iran. Sanctions on Iran are expected to be lifted very soon.
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Major Developments in Iraq!
•A new city(100,000 units) is being built outside Baghdad,that shows things are heading in the right direction.
•A gas pipeline is being built to Egypt & Jordan,150 Million cu.ft of gas will be exported through this gas pipeline every day.This gas pipe line's estimated cost is 16-18 billion dollars.

•CANADA'S CAPGENT signs $ 1.2 BLN deal with Iraq to build 10 POWER STATIONS, each of 100 MW capacity.
•Samsung has signed an agreement with the Iraqi Govt. to develop Samsung oil field
•HSBC, CHARTER BANK OF ENGLAND AND NATIONAL BANK OF KUWAIT have obtained licences to operate in Iraq.
•AUSTRIA'S OMV and HUNGARY'S MOL has teamed up to extract gas from Iraq's Kurdish region and pump it to Europe through Turkey. The project is called Nabucco pipeline project.
•PEPSI CO INC has signed a deal with BAGHDAD SOFT DRINK COMPANY to bottle and distribute PEPSI products in Iraq.
•SHELL, EXXON MOBIL AND BP already working on major oil & gas projects inside Iraq.
•Major Corporations like COCA COLA, TEXACO AND ALABAMA BLOUNT 4 INC are investing heavily in Iraq.

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While Europe drowning in debt, US at the verge of default & stock markets in turmoil, Iraqi Dinar provides a realistic & potentially profitable opportunity of investment. There will be no such thing as recession in Iraq. In the future the Iraqi economy will only go up & up & so will your investment....more>more>